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with science communication.

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"I can't emphasize enough how important it is to work with Rachel and other people like her who can build bridges to the world of drama, comedy, fiction, nightlife and greater nerd-dom."

Aaron Huertas, Science Media Professional

Science Communication Training

Workshops and training that help you steal the best secrets of Hollywood, marketing, and event design for your science outreach.

Science Event Planning

Engage your audiences with live events designed specifically for their interests and needs.

Science Writing and editing

Accessible, clear written outreach that your audience will crave reading.

Communication and Marketing Consulting

Hone your message, refine your goals, and create a successful outreach plan.



Dr. Raychelle Burks

Director, DIY Science Zone at Geek Girl Con

Rachel is an engaging science communicator and educator, demonstrating an entertainer's flair and a scientist's attention to detail.

Justina Quagliata  

Associate Producer, Comedy Central/The Daily Show

Rachel brings her expertise to her writing, comedy, theatre endeavors and public speaking opportunities, which are all one-of-a-kind, hilarious, immersive and deeply engaging.

Meisa Salaita

Co-founder, Atlanta Science Festival

When Rachel says she'll do something, she gets it done. And when I say "gets it done", she kills it. She's so incredibly creative and is able to weave her creativity into every element of the work she does.

Who's behind all this?

Rachel Pendergrass is a writer, performer, and science communicator. She's the producer of the internationally touring Solve for X Variety Show, one of the co-producers of Nerd Nite DC, and a regular guest speaker on the science track of multiple science fiction conventions. She's also done creative stuff professionally for everyone from National Lampoon to the new Tradition Be Damned Immersive Design company in Washington, DC. One time she even played didjeridoo in a one-night-only Johnny Cash cover band.